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May 2019


From the Director:

Vice Versa is one of the funniest plays I have ever read. 

A friend saw it performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in the Swan Theatre at Stratford upon Avon in 2017. He immediately bought a copy of the play and gave it to me as a gift with a message that said "you will want to direct this!". He was right. Vice Versa is a hilarious rip off of an old Roman Comedy but with a wonderful modern twist and I couldn't wait to start work on it. 

Phil Porter wrote the play especially for the RSC and has stayed true to the comic mischief that Roman playwrights were producing 2,200 years ago. 

Vice Versa is loosely based on Plautus' play Miles Gloriosus, complete with the stock characters found in farce... the braggart soldier, the stupid servant, young lovers, a wise old man and a clever slave. Within it, Porter has also woven a wonderful modern twist... so all things may not seem so ancient in Ancient Rome! 

The cast and crew thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and preparing this production of Vice Versa.

Cast List

General Braggadocio - Paul Johnson

Dexter - Mel Guest

Voluptua - Lisa Gould

Valentin - Sparow Atlas

Feclus - Reign Poseidon Drayk

Omnivorus - Leo Appleton

Impetus - Jennifer Baker

Philoproximus - Barry Bowen

Terence the Monkey - Joe AE Sabberton

Climax - Helga Kilroy

Ocadus - Alyssa Upton

Melodia - Sarah Wiggins

Marsupius - Henry H Ansell

Terpsichore - Michelle Jimenez-Alder

Meretrix - Alyssa Upton

Cleostrata - Helga Kilroy

Production Team

Director – Jane Miles

Music Composition and Direction - Paul Stephenson

Choreography - Michelle Jimenez-Alder

Set Design –  Brett Stevens

Lighting Design –  Tom Richards

Sound Design – Tom Richards

Costume Design –  Jocelyn Johnson, Denise Rouse

Properties – Barry Bowen, Paul Johnson

Movement Director - Joe Bishop

Stage Manager – Sam Stevens

Deputy Stage Manager - Carrie-Lee Stevens

Sound Operator - Tom Richards

Lighting Operator - Clare Spike Klyn

Back Stage Crew - Katie Fisher, Marcie Appleton

Set Construction: Steve Dove, Brett Stevens, Sam Stevens, Tom Richards, Mel Guest, Barry Bowen, Paul Johnson, Karl Bender


Scenic Painters - Brett Stevens, Sam Stevens, Mel Guest, Paul Johnson, Izzy Lacey

Production Photography - Malcolm Tinn

Publicity Design - Paul Johnson

Marketing – Mel Guest


Acknowledgements: We would like to thank our sponsors for their support throughout 2019.

We also gratefully acknowledge the assistance and support of Paul and Izzy Lacey and Chris and Jackie Edwards. 


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