Welcome to Harlow Theatre Company

For over 40 years, Harlow Theatre Company has built a reputation as the leading theatre company in and around Harlow. We exist to promote the appreciation of all aspects of theatrical performance and to provide a focal point for all those in our community who have an interest in amateur theatre, either as audiences or active on-and-off-stage participants.


We produce a busy programme across a broad front of dramatic and musical theatre productions and we cherish our reputation for delivering consistently high quality in everything we do. 


We strive to be inclusive and offer a warm welcome to any newcomers, whether they want to become directly involved as performers or technicians or supporters or even if they just want to sit back and enjoy the shows.


We look forward to seeing you!

Our Next Production

Billy Liar

Written by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

Directed by Alan Jones

26th - 29th February 2020


Set in the 1960's, Billy Liar was a big hit on stage, as a film and on TV.  It follows the boring existence of Billy Fisher, who uses his energetic imagination to counteract his dreary life and this gets him into all sorts of predicaments.

"It's not a question of coming down to earth, old man, some of us belong in the stars".