About Harlow Theatre Company

We believe that community theatre provides the opportunity for people to come together and celebrate local talent and creativity. For over 40 years, Harlow Theatre Company has worked to support the arts in Harlow and give people a chance to explore their interest in amateur theatre - both on and off stage, and also as part of our wonderful audiences. 

Over the years we have watched people learn and develop new skills, move on to professional theatre roles, build lifelong friendships, come together when times have been more difficult and, most importantly, have fun!


We are immensely proud of our members and are incredibly grateful to our audiences and sponsors for their support. 

If you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you! We strive to be inclusive and offer a warm welcome to any newcomers, whether you want to become directly involved as a performer, technician or supporter, or would like to just sit back and enjoy the shows. Please do contact us for more information. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Meet our Committee

HTC Mel.heic
HTC Paul J.jpg

Melissa Richards

Mel joined HTC in 2015, and was elected to the committee the following year, taking up the role of Chair in 2022. 

Mel's enjoyed every role she's had in a HTC production, but her favourite was puppeting Sammy the dog in Goodnight Mister Tom. 

Mel's also been lucky enough to play her bucket list role, having performed as Kate Monster in Avenue Q in 2016.

Paul Johnson

Paul has been with HTC for many years, and is our Treasurer. 

Paul has played a number of memorable roles over this time, his most memorable performance probably being that of Rooster in Jerusalem. 

HTC Vanessa.heic
HTC Jeanne.heic

Vanessa Wood

Vanessa is a welcome addition to the committee, joining in 2022 (although she has been a member for a number of years). 


Vanessa also leads our social event planning with lots of ideas she is currently working on - watch this space!

Vanessa's favourite shows with HTC were Stepping Out and Goodnight Mister Tom, and the role she always wanted to play was Nancy in Oliver. 

Jeanne Kelly
Creative lead

Jeanne is a new member of the committee, although was a member back in the 90s! 

Jeanne's favourite role with HTC was Daisy in Daisy Pulls it Off, in which she remembers spending most of rehearsals laughing. 

Jeanne's bucket list role as a performer is Mama Rose in Gypsy, and as a director Jesus Christ Superstar.

HTC Helga.heic
HTC Paul S.heic

Helga Kilroy
Assistant Treasurer

Helga has been a member of HTC and the committee for several years, and is currently learning the ropes of Treasurer from Paul. 

Helga has played a number of brilliant roles with HTC, although her comic timing (and bravery!) certainly stood out in her role as the outrageous  Climax in Vice Versa.

Paul Stephenson
Rehearsal room lead

Paul is responsible for the management and maintenance of our rehearsal rooms. 

Paul has served on the committee for a number of years and been a member of HTC on and off since 1984. 

Paul's favourite role was Captain Manwaring in Dad's Army, and he claims he is currently working on becoming senile enough to play King Lear

HTC Carrie.heic
HTC Sam.heic

Carrie Stevens
Marketing lead

Elected to the committee in 2022, Carrie brings creativity and buckets of enthusiasm to our marketing and social team. 

Carrie has been a member of HTC since a very young age and even managed to perform with us while away at university! 

Sam Stevens
Technical lead

Sam has been a member of HTC and committee member for a number of years. 

As our resident Stage Manager, Sam is involved with most productions HTC brings to the stage and works with our fab technical team to make sure every production goes off without a hitch. 

Although we think she just enjoys the power being Stage Manager comes with!