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April 2023

Review from NODA:

It’s always a pleasure to review a show for HTC and as a fan of The Vicar of Dibley I was really looking forward to this production.


The set had been well designed, the wide stage allowing for the Vestry, the Vicarage and the Village Hall, location of the famous Dibley Parish Council meetings, to sit comfortably side by side. As I have come to expect from this society, the attention to detail was second to none.


The Rev Geraldine Grainger arrives in Dibley following the demise of the Reverend Pottle who had collapsed in a rather spectacular fashion at the lectern/pulpit. Well done to John Cant on his all too brief debut appearance. 


All the cast were amazing and really brought the characters to life. I wouldn’t mind betting that rehearsals, as well as being hard work, were also a lot of fun.


Helga Dove as Geraldine Grainger and Jess Ricketts as Alice Tinker were surely clones of the original.  From their posture to their voices and their mannerisms they were immediately recognisable. The same must be said of Dan Ricketts as Hugo Horton, in love with Alice but too shy to make a move until pushed by Geraldine. Then there was Dave Wright as Frank Pickle, fussing around with his minutes and bravely coming out on local radio.  Danny Gleeson as Jim Trott managed to get in as many no, no, nos as possible before saying yes and Ian Stacey was Owen Newitt whose gut problems are legendry.


Clive Weatherley really was the arrogant David Horton, Chairman of the Parish Council and totally opposed to women vicars, until that is, Geraldine tells him she is leaving Dibley. 


Completing the main line-up was Concetta Clarizio as Letitia Cropley famous for her knitting and rather strange sandwich fillings.  A lovely cameo role by Melissa Richards, dressed to the nines and making the most of her entrance at Hugo and Alice’s wedding as a revengeful wife out to make trouble, before realising she was at the wrong church.  The role may not have been credited but it definitely deserves a mention.


This was a very entertaining production. It was well directed and it was obvious a lot of attention had been paid to costuming the characters just as we remember them.  I loved Alice’s wedding dress and her illuminated headdress and of course her attendant Teletubbies.


I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at a show (for all the right reasons!) for a long time.


My congratulations to all involved. Thank you for inviting me.


Decia Ranger

Regional Rep

District 7


Cast List

Geraldine Granger - Helga Dove

Alice Tinker - Jess Ricketts

David Horton - Clive Weatherly

Hugo Horton - Dan Ricketts

Jim Trott - Danny Gleeson

Owen Newitt - Ian Stacey

Frank Pickle - David Wright

Letitia Cropley - Concetta Clarizio

Rev Pottle - John Cant

Teletubbies - Aston Wood, Rachel Ricketts

Woman - Mel Richards

Choristers - Mel Richards, Vanessa Wood

Production Team

Director - Jane Miles

Musical Arrangement - Paul Stephenson

Lighting and Sound Design - Tom Richards

Costume Design - Jess Ricketts and Helga Dove

Stage Manager - Sam Stevens

Set Design and Realisation - Brett Stevens, Stephen Dove,

Sam Stevens, Tom Richards, Ryan Quickenden

Props - Barry Bowen, Jess Ricketts, Sam Stevens,

Katherine Wood

Lighting Operator - Claire Klyn

Sound Operator - Carrie-Lee Stevens

Publicity - Carrie Stevens

Publicity Design - Mel Richards


Acknowledgements: We would like to thank our sponsors for their support throughout 2023. 

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