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November 2022

Review from NODA:

The names Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are famous the world over. One only has to stand in Baker Street and watch the crowds converge on the Sherlock Holmes Museum and stare up at the blue plaque bearing his name, to understand why some visitors to the capital would have you believe he really existed. We of course no better – or do we!

Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead in the grounds of his home with a terrified look on his face and surrounded by massive paw prints. Sherlock Holmes is summoned and with assistance from Watson and Sir Charles’ descendent, Sir Henry Baskerville, the investigation begins.


Only this isn’t your usual Sherlock Holmes mystery. What followed was a hilarious three hander with the actors, we are told in the programme, playing a total of 15 roles between them. I’m afraid I lost count. This was so cleverly done with the play keeping up a cracking pace while the actors dashed about the stage and in and out of the wings as they changed from one character to the next, becoming ever more breathless as the story unfurled. This was farce at its very best and it kept the audience in fits of laughter throughout the evening. I cannot imagine that I will ever see a more graphic illustration of two people sinking in a bog on stage.

Alan Grant and Doug Thomas must be congratulated on their roles as Sherlock and Watson respectively, together with the various other characters as demanded of the script. Without detracting from these performances in any way I really must give a special mention to Lisa McDonald as Sir Henry Baskerville et al. This actor really threw herself into the role with great
comic timing and with the ability to keep the audience on side the whole time. Not always easy, especially when the action is so fast moving. A brilliant performance.

An excellent set by Brett Stevens of the moors, made very atmospheric with dramatic lighting and sound effects including the blood curdling howls of a large hound purported to have been responsible for the murder of Sir Henry’s ancestors. Scene changes were carried out with the imaginative use of minimal props.

Another very enjoyable production from HTC. Congratulations to all involved and thank you for inviting me.

Decia Ranger
Regional Rep.
District 07

Cast List

Sherlock Holmes et al - Alan Grant

Dr Watson et al - Doug Thomas

Sir Henry Baskerville et al - Lisa McDonald

Production Team

Director - Jeanne Kelly

Lighting Design - Tom Richards

Sound Design - Mel Richards

Costume Design - Jess Ricketts

Stage Manager - Sam Stevens

Set Design and Realisation - Paul Johnson, Brett Stevens, 

Stephen Dove, Melissa Richards, Jess Ricketts, Dan Ricketts

Props - 

Lighting Operator - Tom Richards

Sound Operator - Mel Richards

Publicity - Carrie Stevens and Mel Richards

Publicity Design - Paul Johnson


Acknowledgements: We would like to thank our sponsors for their support throughout 2022.

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