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A word from the director


We can all think of essential friendships in our lives. Whether they have been for ‘a reason, a season, or forever’ they have influenced and shaped who we are today.

Di and Viv and Rose appeals to me because it is written as a realistic portrayal of the value and importance of real friendship. Friendship that means being there through the joy and the pain, being honest and fair with each other, and being loved for who you are, regardless of the mistakes you might make along the way.


“I don’t look just the same but I feel just the same and if you feel just the same about me, that’ll do.” - Rose


With Di, Viv, and Rose all being of the same age demographic as me, creating a soundtrack reflecting the key moments in their journey has been tremendous fun. I hope it brings back some of your own fun memories of friendship - and feel free to sing along! New friends and long standing ones ( I couldn’t say old ones could I?!) have made the preparation for this production a delight. I am continually amazed by the commitment and generosity of my brilliant cast and crew, and thank them all for their huge support.



Sharon Wilson


Cast List

Di – Wendy Grant

Viv - Caroline Petherbridge

Rose – Petrova Simpson




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