BILLY LIAR by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

Directed by Alan Jones


19th November, 7.30pm - The Church Hall, St Peters Church, Roydon


21st November at 7.30pm – The Church Hall, St Peters Church, Roydon

Performances 25th to 28th February 2020 at Victoria Hall Theatre


A big hit as a play, as a film and on TV.  OK it was all many years ago!  The play has continued to entertain audiences ever since.  Imagine a world with no internet, no mobile telephones, no Snap Chat, Instagram, Google or Face book and only 3 TV channels.  How did people pass the time – well, it was called the swinging sixties, but this phenomenon had failed to reach the world of BILLY FISHER, who dreams of a better life, he’s bored and uses his energetic imagination to counteract his dreary life which get him into all sorts of predicaments.


Set in a fictional town in the North of England, the play offers opportunities for 5 younger and 3 more mature actors.  I am looking for enthusiastic, dedicated players to fill the following roles:


Florence Boothroyd. Playing age 70’s. Billy’s gran. A difficult, cantankerous old lady, she lives in her own world much of the time, but listens and responds to what is happening around her. She likes to be heard and makes her feelings clear even when no-one is listening.


Geoffrey Fisher. Playing age 40’s. Billy’s dad. A hard working, vigorous, outspoken man who obviously wants the best for his son but is disappointed in him and his own inability to get through to him.


Alice Fisher. Playing age 40’s. Billy’s Mum. An ordinary housewife, centre of the family, working to keep the family together. A pivotal role.


Billy Fisher. Playing age 19-20. A lively, energetic young man who dreams up stories to make life more interesting.  A fantasist, full of life, vibrant but also sad, lonely, an enigma even to himself.  A spectacular role.


Arthur Crabtree. Playing age19-20. A workmate and friend, who is like Billy in many ways, but lacks his imagination and plays along with him up to a point when his attitude changes and he becomes less enamoured of his friend’s escapades.


Barbara. Playing age 19-20. A very “nice” girl who lives in a dream world of happy families and thatched cottages where everything is lovely.  She is fully involved in many of Billy’s fantasies and sees their relationship through rose coloured spectacles. Must like oranges! 


Liz. Playing age 20-23. Warm, loving, generous. A very special person.   Similar to Billy in some ways but attempts to live some of her dreams


Rita. Playing age 19-20. Loud, laree, common, a bit of a tart as they used to say. Need I say more?


Even if you cannot make the readings, to register your interest and receive more details, e-mail Alan Jones at or call on 01279 793281